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After four straight days of heavy, unrelenting action on Oahu's North Shore, it was a career moment for both Brisa Hennessy and Barron Mamiya who have not only won the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach but also taken over the top spots on the WSL Leaderboard and will be wearing the yellow leader's jersey when the Championship Tour heads to Portugal next month.


Brisa was featured in Forbes’ August 2020 article when she sat down to discuss WSL’s rule changes for 2021

World Surf League’s New Rules For 2021 Will Stoke Competition

As with so many other sports across the world, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world of surfing. It has sidelined some of the sport’s up-and-coming women such as the U.S.’s Summer Macedo and Brisa Hennessy of Costa Rica—if not fully to the shores, then at least making them wait to compete live again.
Photo by Kelly Cestari/WSL via Getty Images) WSL VIA GETTY IMAGES
Photo by Kelly Cestari/WSL via Getty Images) WSL VIA GETTY IMAGES

The New York  Times

Watch clips from Brisa's interview about the 2020 summer olympics

Surfing Was Set to Debut at the Summer Olympics. 2020 Had Other Plans

This was going to be a historic year for the sport of surfing. We spoke with the world’s top surfers to go behind the scenes as the sport prepares to make its Olympic debut … next year.

Voice in Sport

Listen to Brisa's appearance on this podcast

Episode 44: Brisa Hennessy - Finding balance as a pro surfer: mind, body, and nutrition

Brisa Hennessy, Professional Surfer of the World Surf League and VIS League™ Member, shares her experience growing up surfing. Growing up around the ocean influenced her holistic approach to sport and life as she continually seeks to balance Mind, Body and Nutrition. She attributes her successes and her ability to overcome challenges, such as her experience as a rookie on the WSL Championship Tour circuit in 2019 to her family and the many countries she has surfed during her journey. A true citizen of the world, Brisa shares about her life in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Fiji, as well as traveling the globe while living out of her suitcase on the WSL circuit for over a year. Brisa shares with us her passions for a plant-based lifestyle, cooking, and the ongoing importance of protecting the environment. Over the last year she has found joy developing her passions, leading to a more balanced lifestyle whilst continuing to be a fierce competitor.

Rip Curl

Join Brisa Hennessy behind the scenes of her new film

It’s All About Perspective

In March of 2020, when the world began to sink into lockdown, Brisa Hennessy and her family made a bold move. Nomadic by nature they jumped on a plane to a remote island in Fiji, Namotu, where the family live and manage a resort for parts of the year.

Brisa, her mom and her dad arrived on the island with no concept of how long they would be there, or what the world would look like when they eventually left the one mile stretch of sand. In the end they spent nine months isolated on the island with a handful of local Fijians, working together to ensure there was enough food and supplies to make it through. 

World  Surf  League


Brisa Hennessy Talks Requalifying For The CT, Rookie Year Lessons, And Preparing For Pipeline

Championship Tour surfer Brisa Hennessy joins the pod to talk about her strong showing on the Challenger Series and requalifying for the CT. She breaks down her success on the new Challenger Series, the pressure she felt at the US Open, qualifying early, and how that impacted her nerves, expectations, and confidence going forward. She dives into the importance of mental strength in this sport, the uncontrollable nature of the ocean, how working with a sports psychologist has helped her be a better competitor, and some valuable advice given to her by Mick Fanning in Europe. 

Surf  Girl  Magazine

Brisa participated in a study about the anatomy of a professional athlete
Photo via WSL/Dorsey

The Power of A Surfer: Brisa Hennessy

Costa Rican surfer Brisa Hennessy is an Olympic contender and has taken part in scientific experiments at a sports science lab to find out what makes the physique of a world-class surfer. With the help of Olympian Lolo Jones, each episode of the sports science original series ‘Anatomy Of’ studies the powers and physiques of an elite athlete to find out what makes them special in their sport. Here the scientists breakdown the power and endurance of a surfer and compare the results with other Olympic sports.
Photo via WSL/Dorsey

La Nación

Más que el quinto lugar en una olimpiada, la surfista es el sinónimo de una sonrisa permanente

Personajes 2021: Brisa Hennessy, la estrella que se ilumina desde el mar

La noche de las medallas fue mucho tiempo antes de la primera competencia. Había nervios, había entusiasmo y el grupo de costarricenses que estaba en la villa olímpica de Tokio se hacía un solo puño de emociones.

Pero Brisa Hennessy llegó con algo entre sus manos. Un saco lleno de medallas para todos los que estaban allí, para todos los que necesitaban un recordatorio de que ya eran grandes y que lo que vendría en los siguientes días no sería más que para dejarse llevar y disfrutar.

La Nación

Read the article with Brisa's parents on La Nación

Brisa Hennessy: Una Historia de amor que se gesto en Costa Rica entre la selva, el surf y la pesca

Mike y Kathy Hennessy relataron a 'La Nación' su historia, desde la aventura loca que los llevó nuestro pais hace un par de décadas hasta el increíble 2021 que cambió sus vida con la participación de Brisa en los Juegos Olímpicos

World Surf  League

Meet Brisa's family in this episode of Lawn Patrol

Dream Namotu Living With Brisa Hennessy

Meet Brisa's family and see how they're spending the extended offseason on the Island of Namotu in Fiji. In each episode of the new series Lawn Patrol presented by Havaianas, find out what makes a house feel like home for the biggest names in surfing.

The Tico Times

Brisa has reached the quarterfinals of the women’s shortboard at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Photo via the Costa Rica Olympic Committee.

Brisa Hennessy reaches quarterfinals in Olympic surfing

The Costa Rican had a score of 12.00 and beat Ella Williams of New Zealand, who scored 7.73. This result places Hennessy, 21, among the final eight competitors.

“A surreal day getting the privilege to represent my home country of Costa Rica, my village of support and the sport of surfing for the first time in Olympics history,” Hennessy shared on social media.
Photo via the Costa Rica Olympic Committee.

World Surf  League

Brisa was interviewed for this article about the 2020 Olympic Games by the World Surf League

The State Of Olympic Surfing According To Brisa Hennessy And Michel Bourez

Training for the Olympics during a global pandemic hasn't been easy, but Brisa Hennessy of Costa Rica and Michel Bourez of France are still excited to represent their countries on sport's highest stage as soon as possible.

The provisionally-qualified Olympic athletes recently shared some insight into their preparation on the Olympic Channel, alongside International Surfing Association president Fernando Aguerre.

Central America

Brisa made costa rica proud by representing her home country in the 2020 olympic games in tokyo

Central America Olympic News: Brisa Hennessy’s Success Story the Pride of Costa Rica

Despite Costa Rican surfer Brisa Hennessy going out of the Olympic Women’s Surfing event in the quarter finals, her success in Japan has made her country proud.

The past few days in Costa Rica have been all about Brisa Hennessy. Everyone from the President on down has weighed on her surfing success at Tsurigasaki Beach in Tokyo, Japan.
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