About Brisa

About Me

Brisa is a professional surfer on the WSL World Tour with two ISA World gold medals and one from the Pan American Games under her belt. She found her love for surfing and the planet while she lived off-the-grid in Costa Rica, surrounded by only the jungle, ocean and no electricity from birth until age 8. She then moved to Hawaii where her passion for competing took off and she set her sights on a career in surfing. In 2018, she officially accomplished her dream of qualifying for the World Surf League Championship Tour as the first to represent Costa Rica and did the same at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

A Life of Adventure

Raised in the jungle of Costa Rica until she was eight, transplanted to Hawaii for her school years and currently living on the tiny island of Namotu in Fiji, Brisa Hennessy is truly a citizen of the world.
Her transient childhood gave her access to some of the world’s best waves, where she fell in love with surfing and honed her style to be both powerful and smooth.

Brisa's Kitchen

Brisa brings her love for cooking all around the world and has quickly become the go-to amateur chef among the surfing community, her friends, and family! With her grandmother and mother setting the stage, Brisa acquired their shared talent and passion for culinary arts with an added plant-based twist. The kitchen is Brisa’s sanctuary out of the water—a place where she can express herself through another lens and share her not-so-hidden talent.
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